Go Along, Get Along

The New York Times reports this morning that the feds are finally charging some folks as the result of an amazing series of stories they completed back in 08 about fraud at the Long Island Railroad to the tune of $1 Billion, with a B.

They reported that “every career employee of the railroad was applying for and receiving disability benefits…)  (That’s every as in all.)

Now, a handful are under indictment including a couple of docs who were responsible for over 75% of the medical documentation for the false claims; a disability mill, they call it.

My two favorites are the guy “who has trouble gripping objects with his hands” who played golf 100 times in less than a year and also plays tennis several times a week and the other fellow who “suffers from severe and disabling pain” and went on a 400-mile bike ride around the state.

Nice work if you can get it.

What’s missing here is the fact that if the “disability” rate was really 100% than thousands of people, other than those on the gravy train, knew in some fashion about the scam but silence reined.

As always, the people who are REALLY injured in these schemes are the truly disabled and those who retire with a normal pension after a full career because their benefits are artificially held down by scammers.

Silence does have a cost.

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