Firing Line: Three More Years of This?

Twelve more Americans were killed yesterday in Afghanistan in a suicide bombing as they were being transported in an armored vehicle. Yesterday’s killings included five US combat troops.

The bombing occurred not in some far off province or in a supposed Taliban stronghold, but rather in downtown Kabul on Darulaman Road, also the site of a previous similar bombing that killed five Americans in 2010.

According to the NYT, Hamid Karzai, the Afghan president, issued a statement that condemned the incident while failing to mention the US losses.  Karzai infuriated Americans last week when he said that Afghanistan would be on the side of the Pakistanis if they were to go to war against the US.

Karzai’s behavior, both his lack of concern and his commitment to the Pakistani’s, is at least tacit incitement for anti-American Afghans in their acts of terrorism in  Kabul and elsewhere.  The anemic (and pathetic) US diplomatic response is to chalk his outrageous behavior up to comments aimed for internal Afghan consumption.  Certainly the relatives of the dead killed yesterday will find perfect logic and great comfort in that explanation.

The current Obama/Panetta line is most US troops out of Afghanistan by 2014.  That means US troops have three more years to survive in an environment where even the capital city is under siege and where the president of the country ignores our losses and sides with our potential enemies as the US engages in tortured diplomatic explanations that a third-grader would question.

If this is winning we should try losing for awhile.


(Sources: Getty Images and NYT)

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