Candidate Cain: Coulter’s Quisling

Ann Coulter, uber-conservative doyen and right wing grenade thrower is doing her best to infuse the current discussion about the suitability of Herman Cain to be president with calculated race-baiting commentary, which is most odd.

Since we already have an African-American president the idea of raising the issue of race is bizarre outside the context of an ulterior motive.  Birthers and milito-terrorists  notwithstanding, the citizenry accepts our president and believes he has the intellect, if perhaps not the stick-to-it-iveness, to do the job.

Playing the race card (RC) is illogical even if the goal, as it appears to be, is to sow emotional discord among African-American voters.  The  RC could have worked in a match-up with any other candidate except an African-American.  Suggesting that Obama supporters  dislike conservatives because of the color of their skin is tortured racial incitement.

Never one to shy away from a controversy, Coulter, in her sly mission, watched the other day as her recently lobbed grenade,  long since live, rolled back into her foxy hole as she referred to Cain and his legions as “our Blacks.”

Students of history will recall that Adolph Hitler, mass murderer and maniacal rhetorician, was famous for trumping up ridiculous and illogical rationales for the invasion of neighboring countries.  Perhaps his most far-fetched and absurd lie was invading Norway while informing them he was doing so in order to protect them from the allies.  They didn’t buy it.

Hitler would then install a puppet leader whose job it was to be the mouthpiece and accomplice of the conquering armies.  In Norway he sent Vidkun Quisling, a Nazi protege,  to convince his fellow Norwegians that he was there to help them see the light.  What they saw instead was a Norway rat.

Quisling rapidly became an enduring linguistic metaphor for a person who sets out to fool his tribe only to be fooled, and forsaken, himself.

Does Ann Coulter really think that a majority of working Americans of whatever color or creed, who are cast adrift in a GOP inspired economic calamity, are going to cozy up to a candidate who wants to cut the capital gains tax, potentially raise their income tax and gut the programs the long term unemployed are using to survive?

Or in a move that Hitler would admire, does she see an opportunity to potentially obfuscate a sector of the electorate in their moment of historic triumph by bizarrely injecting race into an otherwise straightforward discussion about experience and thoughtfulness?

I’m not from Norway but I know a rat when I see one, even if her legs are shaved.



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