Buckeye Bull’s Eye: Unions Score a (Defensive) Win

It is a measure of our times when the hoopla over a very important union victory is really grounded in the fact that we managed to simply reclaim ground lost in a recent brazen attack on collective bargaining rights in a key state.

This week’s 61-39 vote to overturn the draconian Ohio anti-union bill championed by Governor Kasich and the Republican Presidential nominees is potential evidence of a “middle ground” electorate that could be an important component in future elections.

While hundreds of local governments are struggling to make ends meet, with some of them ankle deep in red ink, it appears that the electorate can still spot brazen over-reaching when they see it.

It is a crucial fact the Republican presidential nominees had (at least) a rhetorical hard-on in support of Ohio’s Senate bill 5.  They savaged Mitt Romney when he appeared to be “soft” on his support of the measure.  Romney “manned up” and was back in the worker slaying orgy, expressing “110 percent” support for the attempt to strip public employees of their rights.

Senate Bill 5 was classic, hard core Republican (and tea party) tactics to strike a death blow to an enemy when the time seemed perfectly right.  The enemy was (and is) middle class Americans even if they are seen first and foremost as members of unions.

The Tea Party Right has been ascendant in anti-worker political action and they have done well in pushing their agenda under the guise of the death of big government.  Union members have been on the retreat, if in an orderly manner, and the Ohio vote could be a sign that the retreat is about to end.

If you are a worker and not a union member and all decked out in your pretty tea party costume feeling horny for the end of worker’s rights, you would do well to remember that it is the union movement that keeps a constant upward pressure on worker pay.

You may hate unions (stupidly) but you should pray for and vote for them (fervently.)


  • Jim Lee says:

    Your comments are right on point, every middle class worker in North America should read and heed what you had to say and what happened last week.

  • firehat says:

    How can you get socially conservative firefighters to understand that? Nearly all the firefighters I know will vote for anyone the GOP throws out there and give no consideration to self-interest.

    • BH says:

      Self-interest goes beyond the union card or even firefighting. Maybe your job changes every aspect of your entire life, but not everybody does that. For a lot of people the job is the job, and home is home- that’s just how they deal with things. If a firefighter feels that a candidate is better for him in his/her family life or more closely matches their personal values, that’s how s/he or she may vote. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

      Just because a candidate claims to be a friend of Big Labor doesn’t mean they should get a free pass into office.

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