Whip Cream With That?

Our local rag, The Washington Post, a.k.a. TWP, reports that in trendy Georgetown, (or as trendy as Georgetown can get,) a local eatery recently sold an ice cream sundae for $1,000.

The eater of said sundae? A 12-year-old celebrating his birthday with mom, dad and nine friends.  (Let’s hope they are very good friends.)

What’s on a $1,000 chocolate sundae, I know you want to know:  Well, some very nice chocolate, apparently.  And some pretty special ice cream, too.  Oh, let’s not forget the edible gold.  And, to top it all off–caviar, as in fish eggs.  Sounds delightful.

The whole thing is served in a Baccarat crystal goblet that you can keep if you wish, though if you can afford a $1,000 dish of ice cream isn’t it a bit tacky to walk away with the dish it is served in?  It’s sort of like stealing a salad fork from a White House State Dinner.

I feel especially blessed that in this season of giving we have been provided with such a fine example of parental devotion certain to inculcate key values to the children involved.

Our’s is truly a great country, indeed.


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