Obama: Cheeky-In-Chief

I admit it.

I’m one of those guys who talks about how smart and deft the President is.

But you have to wonder.

Was it a moment of fatigue, weakness or just plain idiocy that caused him to ask for his drone back?

I mean, really.

Who went into the Oval Office with that bright idea?

“Yes, we are spying on you, and yes, you got our drone, now would you please just give it back?”

On top of being incompetent we now look like sniveling twits.

By the way, if the drone were on the other foot would we be “giving it back?”  (Perhaps, but only after we documented the ENTIRE aircraft, and it would be in a million pieces.)

And, doesn’t violating another country’s sovereign rights come with some sanction when you get caught?  Again, what would happen if we downed their drone over say, Manhattan?

Time to suck it up: we got busted–admit it and move on.

Maybe we can bid for it on E-Bay.

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