God Sent Us

Pro Skateboarder and Devine Jereme Rogers

Every once in a while you run across one of those child-rearing specialist stories where the world-renowned expert warns us of the dangers associated with the fawning, “you’re so special” school of baby raising.  To wit:

The Daily News reports that X Games skateboarding wonder man , Jereme Rogers, 26, was arrested at a New York hotel after engaging in (another) drug-induced one-man riot, tearing down artwork in the hallway, nude.  Rogers apparently has a preference for angel dust, psychedelic mushrooms and marijuana.

Don’t despair, for not only is God  on his side, he put him here with a purpose.  Rogers has “In God I Trust” tattooed across his neck and says “I believe he (God) has strategically placed me here so I could try to put out a message, you know?”


While we (eagerly) await that message it deserves to be pointed out that Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez said eerily similar words just prior to coming to Washington, DC, to shoot up the White House with a rifle, “I have never felt so sure that I was sent here by God to lead the world to Zion.”

Rogers attributes his skills to “divine intervention”, and is, at least, on medication, if of the self-prescribed variety.

Sources/credits:  NYDN

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