The Cardinal, the Queers, and the Klan

Chicago’s Catholic Cardinal Francis George compared the Windy City’s Gays and Lesbians to the Ku Klux Klan recently.  (Some of them may like to dress up, but not in robes with hoods.  Although, let’s be honest, the hood could be intriguing.)

The Cardinal was all jacked up over their plan to march past his church during their 2012 gathering.  Organizers apparently agreed to delay the time of the march so as not to inconvenience parishioners who might be forced to look at scantily-clad randy gays who should be in church, anyway.

It is at least interesting that the Cardinal made his incendiary comments on the local Fox News program, on Christmas Day. (Gone the public television days of old where the pious friar put you to sleep with his liturgical musings.) And, once again, we were treated to the sly argument that someone expressing their views is infringing on the “religious freedom of the Catholic Church.”  We will hear more of that in the months to come–the claim that free expression is an attack on religiosity.

The canny Cardinal found himself out-on-a-limb and a little short of support  so he issued a tepid apology. Even in his “apology” he trotted out the “religious liberty” theme again to make sure we understand he was overwrought over the prospect of  a celebratory march undermining the Catholic faith.  Very clever and very on message.

It deserves to be mentioned that the Cardinal’s failed  and entirely theoretical attempt to link liberated queers to the cross-burning Klan is utterly eclipsed by the fact that the Catholic church played center stage in the real conspiracy to assist Nazi leaders to escape justice, including Adolf Eichmann, the prime architect of the murders of hundreds of thousands of innocent people.



He who is without sin among you, let him be the first to throw a stone at her.”

John 8:7

Credits:  NYDN, Denver Post, JOHN SMIERCIAK/AP

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