DC Cats: The Quiz (Win $20 at Starbucks)

 Washington, DC is a veritable jungle with lions and tigers all around.  Be the first to correctly identify these and win a $20 Starbucks card.  Just send in a comment (below) with your answers.  (Most correct list wins.)

Good Luck!

1. Guarding Cincy?


2. Mr. Big Guy


3. Watching Out for Mr. Flagg


4. In the Line of Duty


5. A Valley Hero?


6. For 64

7. Little Rock Bound

8. Brave New World

9. Near Wilke’s Redoubt

10. Art Imitates Life

11. Near Where Pols Bare Their Souls



  • Dennis says:

    1. Guarding Cincy the horse and General Grant
    2. Taft Bridge
    3. Corcoran School of Art
    4. National Law Enforcement Memorial
    5. Sheridan Circle (Gen Phil Sheridan Hero of the Shennodoah Valley Campaign during Civil War)
    6. No Clue
    7. 3600 Block of 16th Stree NW (Interesting as this appears to be the only female cat in the lot, no mane)
    8. Union Station
    9. Senate Garage Fountain
    10. National Zoo
    11. Basilica of the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception,


    Why do you think our ancestors had such a fascination with Lions? In Africa, these predators would eat humans as an hor’s d’oeurve. Yet a hundred years ago or more, architects were putting statues of lions on bridges, rail stations, monuments, and in cities. I will say these statues are majestic and I notice them when I drive by.

  • Dennis says:


    WTFO. Still waiting for the answers to the lions quiz. Don’t care about the Starbucks card, give it to the needy. I would like the answers though.


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