One Per Month

Take a minute, if you would, and think about past purchases.  Then, make a list of all the durable, non-expendable items which you purchase at the rate of one per month or more.


I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t come up with a single, solitary one. Zero. My durable purchases are likely to be electronics or tools and even then they are not monthly.

Do the same for expendable items but exempt food.  For most of us the list is probably limited to paper products and personal hygiene items.

Tooth Paste

In the wake of the Colorado and Wisconsin rampage shootings I was looking around for information about gun regulations and came across the Brady Campaign site, which is, of course, the most prominent advocate for gun control in America.

Brady has an interactive tool on their site where states are scored based on their notion of safe gun regulations.  One of the grading areas is “Bulk Gun Purchases” and a state can receive 5 points if they limit handgun purchases to one per month.

Let that sink in for a moment.  The most aggressive advocate for gun control in the US is OK with 12 handgun purchases a year, more often than I buy deodorant or toothpaste.

Hand Gun

By the way, less than a handful of states get the 5 points.  Almost nobody limits bulk purchases.

The Brady position on handgun purchases is clear proof of how bizarre the situation has become.  There is no national leadership on the issue and very little at the state level.

Gun violence is a public health threat that we ignore until a rampage murderer decides to go “public” with his rage or a six-year-old puts a bullet in his brain with daddy’s pistol. Then we whine and gnash our teeth, but only for a while.

So many of these rampage shooters are seriously mentally ill.  It took Jared Loughner just 16 seconds to fire 31 rounds with his 9MM semi-automatic pistol.  He killed 6 and injured 13 others in Arizona.  Yesterday’s plea puts him in jail for the rest of his life.

The lack of any effective limitations on the number of circulating guns is compounded by the effects of population density.  In fact, it proves the fallacy of the Brady position on so-called “bulk purchases.”  Since 1991 there have been 25 major mass “rampage” shootings in the US.

Just six of the most populous states account for nearly 50% of the shootings and four of them have the “strongest” gun laws (*) in the country:

California *


New York  *

Illinois  *

Pennsylvania  *


The notion of  liberty in the form of personal and portable lethality has taken precedence over public health and our collective sense of safety.




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