Firefighter Politics: Gambling Man

Democratic Congressman John Tierney of Massachusetts, a “firefighter’s friend” who has helped to bring millions in federal aid to MA fire departments may soon need a little mutual aid himself.

The Boston Globe and the New York Times are reporting on a possible brewing ethics investigation about Tierney’s knowledge or involvement in an illegal off-shore gambling operation run by his brothers-in-law.

But that’s not the half of it.

His wife Patrice regularly wrote checks to herself out of an account connected to the gambling operation for $223,000 which went unreported by Congressman Tierney.  The brothers-in-law, Daniel and Robert Eremian, allegedly ran the business for over a decade.  Daniel has been convicted of various crimes related to the operation and Robert is a “fugitive from justice.”

The Times reports that the Tierney’s deny knowing that the brothers were running an illegal operation.  But, the Congressman’s wife plead guilty to filing false tax returns for her brother “and admitting to being willfully blind about the source of the millions of dollars in the account.”

“Willfully Blind”– I think they call that looking the other way.

Daniel Eremian said that “He (Tierney ) knew everything that was going on in my family for years.”

Ah, who to believe?

Of course, in our country one is innocent until proven guilty, but isn’t the real question whether or not he is intellectually or mentally capable of being a maker of laws if all this can go on “under his nose” and yet he can claim a sort of benign ignorance to the implications?  Perhaps he is betting on the ignorance of the voter.

From the Times, here’s Tierney on the money,  “It was a gift to my wife, so it’s not income. It’s not reportable on that,” he said. “And she clearly did wonderful things for his family, for his children, whatever.”

Right, whatever.


(Sources:  NYT, BG, WIKI)

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