County Fair: Some Monkey (and Gator) Business

It’s That Time of Year

This is when we celebrate the American farmer with the ubiquitous county fair: pure bred swine, rabbits, sheep and dairy steer and don’t forget the mule team obstacle course.  So much to choose from.

In my youth the big attraction, livestock aside, was the “Man Fights Chimp” show where a brawny but hapless fellow whose belt size matched his IQ would take up the trainer’s bet that he could whip a monkey fair and square.

The night I attended, the trainer asked the human if he would like a pair of pants which seemed a bit odd as the fellow was already wearing a pair.  What the trainer meant was “would you like a SECOND pair.”  This should have tipped off the aspiring pugilist that adventure was in the offing.  Though puzzled, he took and put on the second pair.

The other tip off should have been the full length ceiling mounted chin-up bar inside the 20-foot by ten-foot cage.  (I believe they call that a “jungle gym” with good reason.)

Needless to say, the poor guy never had a chance.  The chimp, maybe 80 lbs., was on him like a cheap suit.  And speaking of clothes, somehow during the short fray, he got both pairs of pants off of old Homo Sapiens, who emerged dazed in his bloody boxers.  As I recall, it was quite a spectacle, at least to a 15-year-old.

The 21st century version of this, at least at the Cuyahoha County Fair, is alligator wrestling.  This past week a trainer team was dazzling the crowd as one of them would stick his hand in the gator’s mouth and remove it just prior to the chomp.

This was followed by the trainer wrestling the gator from behind when said slippery gator got him by the arm.

He was one cool cucumber as the other trainer eventually coaxed the jaws open and he made his retreat.

The trainer closed with “Well folks, these things happen. Dan’s gonna go get some medical care. We’ll be back tomorrow.”

They weren’t.



Source:  Daily Mail and YouTube

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