Politics Across the Pond: a Stiff (and Salty) Breeze

“You F—–g Pleb”

A Pleb Before the Throne

With weeks to go before our election day and as sick as we all are of politics both presidential and otherwise, here comes  doughty old Mother England to remind us how the game is really played.

Seems Andrew Mitchell, Prime Minister David Cameron’s Chief Whip, was prevented from leaving Downing Street’s  Number 10 via the main gate on his Bicycle by a police officer who explained that bicycles were to use the pedestrian gate.   A pedaling pol?

According to the Telegraph, the Whip was most unhappy:”Best you learn your f—— place . . . you don’t run this f—— government . . . you’re f—— plebs”, he said, to the startled officer.

A “pleb”, of course, is a member of the lower, or at best, middling class, perhaps nurses, police officers or firefighters, who should know their place and stay in it.  A “pleb” can also be a member of our 47% who are likely as not to be sponging victims looking for a handout, as we have so recently learned.

Over here politicians trash the “plebs” only in private and usually to the better sort, hopefully out of earshot of the hired help.  Over there, the conservatives keep’em in their place and let them have it wherever they find them.

A little candor is so refreshing.  Who says we can’t learn from the Brits?

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  • Larry Osborne says:

    That is why so many of us with British surnames and heritages are “over here”. Doubtless our ancestors a few generations ago would not have believed that we would have political candidates in the U.S. who feel the same way about the “lower classes”.

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