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Nigel the Nudist Paramedic

Not Nigel

They say that “idle hands are the devil’s workshop.”

UK Paramedic Nigel Webb is reported to have had a wee bit of spare time on his hands whilst waiting for his next run.

Which led him to the local Little Chef (see:  Burger King) where, according to the Daily Mail, he chatted up the waitress about “naturism” and the lack of tan lines.

Not content to tell, he proceeded to show, dropping his trousers, presumably so she could eyeball for herself, saying, “Look, no white bits.”

That bit of “unbuckled” exuberance resulted in a 12-month suspension, plenty of time to work on that tan.

The Nudie Professor

Professor Dunstan

Jumping out of bushes to pester frightened schoolgirls is not something that David Dunstan, a professor of experimental physics at London University, takes very kindly to being accused of.

Yet, there you have it.

The Telegraph reports that Professor Dunston was himself accosted wrongly by the Surrey police who accused him of the act though they admitted the perpetrator had “tan lines” something he, of course, did not.   Did it take Scotland Yard to figure that out?

Dunston said, “officers admitted they were following a “propensity theory”, that naturists are more likely than most to commit crimes involving exposure.”

One rather admires the British habit of rambling in the buff,  doesn’t one?


(Sources:  Telegraph, Daily Mail and Huff Post)

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