Pups: Giant Wiener Dog in Tug of War


But Still Plenty to Go Around


Our nationwide obesity epidemic has run riot through the human population, and like a lethal flu virus has leaped to the canine species.

Meet Obie, the apparent current title holder of the world’s plumpest weiner dog, weighing in at a hefty 77 pounds.

The Obster is so rotund that his abdomen meets the ground well before his paws.

The Obster, Belly Up

But fear not, hugeness sells and Obie is a nascent celeb appearing this week alone, on Live With Kelly and Michael and the Today Show, though probably not on anyone’s lap.

Could stardom be why Oregon Dachshund Rescue owner Jenell Rangan has demanded the return of Obie Won from Nora Vanatta, who temporarily adopted him and who has guided him down to a comparatively svelte 60 pounds with a no-nonsense diet and hydrotherapy?

Jennell Rangan
Wiener Dog Rescuer

We here at Turnout feel strongly that Obie should be left in the care of Ms Vanatta for many reasons, not the least of which is Jennell’s hair or whatever that is.

Go, Obie, Go.



(Source:  Daily Mail, NYDN)

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