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The Enema Within

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  Giving “High Colonic” a Whole New Meaning The University of Tennessee student, Alexander P. Broughton of Pi Kappa Alpha, who was transported to an emergency room with a blood-alcohol level of nearly .45, has hired an attorney to refute the accusation, leveled by police and the university, that he achieved the feat through the use […]

Fire Politics- US Senate: (Con) Fusion Centers a (Bad) Joke

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  DHS/FEMA Implicated in Tomfoolery You know, those centers–sleek, state-of-the-art facilities bristling with technology where trained professionals quickly and deftly analyze incoming local and state intelligence data to find crucial information on developing terror schemes.  Then, key reports are quickly written and disseminated across the intelligence community, the FBI moves, arrests are made. Not. A […]

Here Come Da Judge: FDNY’s Garaufis Does Some (White) Handholding

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Curiously, the NYT reports that of the 180 who signed up for Monday, only 36 testified. Perhaps rage, like beauty and color, is only skin deep.

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