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Now, That’s a Workout.

Rickenbacker Causeway/Biscayne Bay


I spent part of this past week near Miami, Florida, sailing on Biscayne Bay. The Bay separates the mainland from Miami Beach where the smart set go to trendy clubs.

The Bay is large and full of manatees, dolphins and rays. This time of year the wind is good and the sailing, at least on an 18-foot catamaran, is fast.



Nixon with Rebozo and Hoover


The Bay also separates the City from Key Biscayne, a generally wealthy enclave perhaps best known as thesouthern White House of Richard Nixon where he also vacationed with his longtime friend Bebe Rebozo.

Rebozo was referred to as Nixon’s “bagman” and was thought to have taken payments for Nixon from Howard Hughes and others.


Rickenbacker, WWI Ace

The Causeway leading over the Bay to Key Biscayne is named for Edward Vernon “Eddie” Rickenbacker (1890-1973).

Rickenbacker fought to become a pilot during the first World War with the 94th Aero squadron. He was deemed to be too essential as a gifted engineer/mechanic but finally won his wings.

He went on to score 26 aerial victories, the most of any WWI pilot and eventually received the Congressional Medal of Honor. Heis pictured here in his Spad XIII.


Tire Drag


As my sailing day came to a close, I began my walk south, over the fairly steep causeway back towards downtown Miami. Coming toward me, just exiting the causeway, was what appeared to be an elderly gentleman struggling to jog on what was a hot, sunny, 80 degree Florida afternoon. I admired his persistence.

As we closed the distance between us I could see that I was wrong, that my elderly man was instead a shaved-head fellow no older than his early forties but still having a pretty tough time.

We nodded as we passed and it was only then that I noticed that he had a harness around his mid-section connected to a rope. At the other end of the twenty foot rope was a good size truck tire that he was dragging, apparently up and over the causeway. It was cross-fit on steroids and tough enough to make even Eddie Rickenbacker proud.

I kept walking, momentarily elated that I had crossed paths with someone who makes even me seem normal. God bless him.



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David Barbour
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Thanks for reminding us that Labor Day is about more than going to Walmart, which we shouldn't do anyway. David B.
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Eric Lamar
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J- Thanks very much for writing. You, of course, are the REAL voice of experience. Eric
2014-08-29 23:24:46
John Davids
Does It Really Matter Department
Eric, I am a Second Ammendment guy. But I am very disappointed with some on my side, we are fighting for a way of life, the life that you so eloquently described. I have used UZI's in my government employment, and a grown law enforcement agent cannot control this weapon's rise on fully auto. We…
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How and why are you comparing this to slavery? You do a disservice to every hard-working firefighter in FDNY, both white and especially black. It sounds like typical locker room crap. You think they did that because he's black? I'll bet they would have done it to the covering guy regardless of his color. Try…
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