Across the Pond: “You F@#*^%G Pleb, Part Two


Massive Police Conspiracy?

Metropolitan Police Commissioner
Bernard Hogan-Howe

Some will recall a recent post here detailing  how Andrew Mitchell, British Prime Minister David Cameron’s former Chief Whip, was prevented from leaving Downing Street’s  Number 10 via the main gate on his Bicycle by a police officer who explained that bicycles were to use the pedestrian gate.

According to the Telegraph, the Whip was most unhappy,”Best you learn your f—— place . . . you don’t run this f—— government . . . you’re f—— plebs”, he said, to the startled officer.

A “pleb” is a member of the middling class, perhaps nurses, police officers or firefighters, who should know their place and stay in it, apparently.

Months later a House of Commons Select Committee is set to criticize the man who conducted the investigation, Sir Jeremy Heywood, because he failed to follow-up on the possibility that police had set up Mitchell.  It turns out that one of the witnesses to the incident was himself a police officer who posed as a tourist in leaking the details.

Mitchell has admitted swearing at the cops but denies calling them “plebs.”

If the Metropolitan Police Diplomatic Protection Group really has time on its hands to engage in such adolescent skulduggery it would raise the question of whether or not they are actually needed at all.  It would also seem that cops posing as tourists to pump up the story is both foolish and silly.

Still, its entertaining to see Cameron’s law and order conservatives attacking the police solely over the word ‘pleb’ as Mitchell has admitted to swearing at the cops.

The odd f–k you must be OK, just stay away from socially defining adjectives.

Carry on.

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