FF Politics: Governor Andrew “Hitler” Cuomo

Political Correctness Strikes Albany

Gov. Cuomo

My gun frenzied friends no doubt know that New York recently passed a measure designed to inhibit the use of fire arms to commit crimes.  Its effectiveness will be long debated.

The measure passed in the middle of the night, Albany style, because Governor Cuomo wanted his law, now.

Yesterday, Republican state assemblyman Steven F. McLaughlin, said of the “jam job” vote, “Hitler would be proud.  Mussolini would be proud of what we did here…”

Then, the feathers flew.

By Tuesday afternoon, Mr. McLaughlin had issued a video apology and had called the Guv to apologize.

The question is, for what?

The last time I checked Hitler, and Mussolini, too, were dictators of the first magnitude.  Many of their actions were successful as a result of either threatening or simply ignoring legislative institutions.  Stalin (and Pinochet) could, of course, be added to the list.

Declaring Hitler and Mussolini out-of-bounds as comparisons for dictatorial actions is both wrong-headed and absurd censorship.  McLaughlin properly steered clear of the Holocaust, atrocities and Hitler’s hate for various groups.   He was, rather, referring to the manner in which these leaders interacted (or ignored) citizen representatives.

Reporters, democrats and even his fellow republicans deserted the concept of free and robust speech over fake and ultra sensitive political correctness.

If Governor Cuomo is channeling Adolph or the Duce, he won an important round yesterday.

Long live Caesar.

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