Red Cross Get’s a Make-Over


Martha at the Helm

As some folks know, I am a DC city guide.  The 2013 guiding season is underway despite the see-saw weather.

The newest memorial, honoring Martin Luther King, Jr,  is proving to be a big hit.  It may be the most well lit memorial for night time viewing in the city.  King’s words are crucial to the space.  The quotes have been superbly lighted from below.  (Since you asked, WWII is the worst lit, with many inscriptions disappearing when the sun sets.)

I had a delightful group of students this past Saturday.  We saw the sights for 11 hours, metro-ing our way around the City.  During the visit to the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial we were at the part honoring women who served. The role of  nurses and war came up.  I asked them who started the American Red Cross and was instrumental in helping soldiers and families during the Civil War.

A hand shot up.

Martha Stewart

“Martha Stewart”, was the firm reply.

This easily makes my list of best Clara Barton stand-ins, bumping the previous reply of Betty Crocker from the number one position.

Of course, no one is immune from the occasional gaffe.  Last year I told 55 adults staying in Crystal City that they could  visit the Pentagon 9/11 Memorial by taking the hotel’s space shuttle over and the metro back.

I heard about that for the rest of the trip.

Houston, we have a problem.





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dave statter
DCFD: Incompetence Writ Large
Also Eric, Local 36 souded the alarm on the tablets wel before thid child died. They warned of disaster and no one listened. During the Ellerbe administration they also warned of impending fleet problems and paramedic shortages. Again, no one listened. That is more leadership on crucial issues than those in charge showed.
2015-07-30 03:55:42
dave statter
DCFD: Incompetence Writ Large
Eric, there is a lot to look at in the lieutenant's statements that make you question his abilities. That said, if every time an officer hears a unit on an EMS call in their first due they call communications or put themselves on the call you will have chaos. The pattern you are missing, that…
2015-07-30 03:31:50
Eric Lamar
DCFD: Incompetence Writ Large
The Post: "But the report also says the lieutenant failed to correct dispatch after his units were dispatched then canceled, even though he could have reached the child faster. " That's reasonably clear to me.
2015-07-30 02:06:57
Sid Polish
DCFD: Incompetence Writ Large
You state Engine 20 was dispatched on the call? Did you even read the report? Your lack of credibility is ruined by the simple fact that you fail to post the correct information. When you want to have an intelligent conversation about this let me know. I'd be glad to inform you of your errors…
2015-07-30 01:57:51
Eric Lamar
DCFD: Incompetence Writ Large
Stolen? Hardly. Used without attribution? Definitely. Removed when pointed out? Instantly. That's the ability to admit a shortcoming, and to correct it, by the way.
2015-07-30 01:06:18
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