What’s Next for Virginia’s Firefighters?

Terry and the Cooch

Only a Ken Cuccinelli could pave the way for a Terry McAuliffe to emerge as victor of the gubernatorial race in Virginia.

McAuliffe’s improbability as a successful candidate is matched only by Cuccinelli's fatal and self-inflicted fascist social rhetoric.

McAuliffe has no elected governing experience and his chief accomplishment is his role in setting in motion the most consequential blow job in American history in his role as chief political fundraiser for Bill Clinton.  Terry raised the money and Bill dropped his pants.



That's preparation to be a governor, for sure.

Meanwhile, the Cooch "blew" his inestimable opening advantage over such a light weight because he made his perverse conservative and church-based social agenda the centerpiece of his campaign. Cooch makes the current Pope seem recklessly permissive.

What a wacky smash-up.

It's important to remember though, that in Virginia the labels of Democrat and Republican, at least as they apply to worker's rights, really don't mean much at all.

Most Virginia elected democrats would pee their pants before voting for public employees to enjoy any bargaining rights.  The populace parts of Virginia may be blue but not where employee rights are concerned.

Still, I can't feel sorry for republicans since their steady march to the right has included a huge dose of "morality" politics targeting women and sexual diversity and it has nothing to do with education, jobs, the economy or legitimate public policy.

Arch conservative demi-god Barry Goldwater correctly forecast the results of a political party in thrall to a religious movement and this race is proof.

But with the Virginia House so firmly dominated by conservatives and the Senate both split and in play, McAuliffe’s ability to help professional firefighters is limited to his veto authority, executive orders and meaningless appointments unless he really means business.

Progress on public employee bargaining rights in Virginia would be to make it a local option, once again.

McAuliffe can talk about public employee rights but what will he sacrifice to make it a reality?

Not much, I'm thinking.

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  • Mike says:

    For the first time in my life I found it hard to vote but I did. Looking back over many years we are still pushing for so many of the same things. Some of our brothers only concern was being allowed to carry a weapon not about their pensions or health. Our so called friends even at the county level contuine to let us down .  We still need to take an active part in every election and primary's or we end up with what we got. My choice this time  was about the lesser of two evils,


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