Dogs of War?


When Anti-Aircraft Guns Just Aren't Good Enough

Our Christmas season was made slightly less merry by the news that the pudgy and hereditary leader of North Korea Kim Jong Un had "cleaned house" by seizing and executing his uncle Jang Song Thaek with anti-aircraft weaponry.  

Not so fast.

Crazy Kim

Crazy Kim

The Singapore-based Straits Times reports that Jang and his unfortunate compatriots were actually stripped and placed in a cage whereupon a pack of 120 starving dogs were set upon them.

Now that's cruel and unusual.

Maybe Dennis Rodman can take the Dog Whisperer on his next Pyongyang sojourn but where would you start?

The Times suggests that Kim's predatory behavior is at least partially aimed at China, their communist/capitalist titan to the west.  Jang had apparently sold NK assets to China to his ultimate peril.

Perhaps South Korea and Taiwan can breathe an ironic and momentary sigh of relief with the sure knowledge that China is properly and deeply concerned with Kim's mafia.  Beijing is so concerned that they have engaged the Russians in their effort to get a leash on the crazy bulldog.

Good luck with that.



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