Correction: Dear Leader Good Guy After All


"Hounded" by False Rumors

Crazy Kim

Crazy Kim

Kim Jong Un, the repressive and outfit deprived leader of North Korea apparently DID NOT set a pack of starving dogs on his uncle as previously reported here.

This unfortunate mis-reporting underscores how even the most bizarre and dictatorial leaders can be harshly and unfairly judged. 

We stand chastened.

The best guess is that Jang Song Thaek, no boy scout leader himself, met his fate at the business end of anti-aircraft weaponry.  If supplied by China, it could well have been the Type 85/YW306.  Like many things Asian the Type 85 is a knockoff, this time of the Russian ZU-23-2.



Both guns are 23mm and the Type 85 is twin barreled.  In deployment mode the array is 8-Type 85s and a command vehicle.  That would have made quite a splash out of Jang.

While it's a step up from starving dogs, in either case embalming would be out of the question.

Still, Kim only has himself to blame for our general tendency to want to believe the worst.

Bill Gates he ain't.


  • Bill Hand says:

    All politicians seem to put a spin on whatever comes out of their office. I have often wanted to be a fly on the wall of almost any politicians office when the staff is gathered and you hear…"okay guys how are we going to handle this mess? Let's think up the most believable lie to put on the street".

  • Mike says:

    I like the dog story better!


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