When the Goose Flew the Coop


Where's "Roland"?

The Old Grey Goose

The Old Grey Goose

 “Roland” commented on my recent post when I was banished from the IAFF Blog Roll apparently for wandering outside the acceptable "thought boundaries." 

In amongst "Roland's" meandering and bizarre commentary was this:

“I’ve seen the current leadership support you on issues (dear to your heart) that many of our less progressive members find controversial.”

That sounds a bit like blackmail. After all, if you were taking a stand on a controversial issue, you would want to claim it.  Wouldn't you?

I responded by challenging the mystery "Roland" (no last name given) to name those issues.

I also emailed “Roland” at his email address: flatratz@gmail.com.  Flatratz, (flat rats) how clever.

Needless to say, I never heard back.

Still “Roland’s” style of writing and choice of words was oddly familiar yet just out of reach of memory.

Sometimes they say that when you are trying to remember something too hard that you should just think of something else and it will come to you.

I gave it a try, letting my mind settle on random words:

Oak grey silver goose

Silver goose oak grey 

Grey oak goose silver

Grey goose silver oak

Ahhh…it’s coming to me now.


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