Politics: For the Love of God

Preacher, Fox News Talking Head and putative presidential candidate Mike Huckabee took aim at government employees the other day at a New Hampshire political event.

He attacked TSA employees for following screening protocols likening airport security to life in North Korea, according to the Daily Mail.

For Huckabee, keeping the flying public safe is tantamount to life in Kim Jong-Un’s North Korea where untold millions die of starvation and torture.

Huckabee has apparently forgotten that the Transportation Security Administration is a product of the Bush administration in response to the 9/11 attacks.

How convenient of the Right to so quickly dismiss the deaths of 343 firefighters and thousands of others just in time for the 2016 campaign.
Middle class republicans would do well to take heed that Huckabee and his cohorts quickly turn on working Americans the instant they sense it is to their advantage to do so.
Oddly enough Huckabee laments government intrusion at the airport gate but blithely finds it essential at the polling place in what is openly admitted to be a way of dis-enfranchising voters.
He also advocated the abolition of the IRS, a perennial favorite of the “earth is flat” crowd.
No one like taxes, but really, abolish the IRS?
Huckabee is a crafty politician telling people what he thinks they want to hear without regard for truthfulness, honesty or worth.
How amazing it is that so many work-a-day Americans will lap us his bile as he prepares to gut them like a swinging deer.

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