Dystopia: U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum

Going for the Uber Experience

Some readers will know that I have previously reflected on the always bizarre and often cruel manner displayed by many United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM) staff towards visitors.

Examples include forcing fifth graders to needlessly stand outside in a howling wind and frigid weather to barking insults(calling them cry babies) at those waiting in line for same day tickets.

The purveyors of cruelty are not museum security officers who strike me as being very professional amidst a grinding crush of visitors, but rather the dreaded “Red Jackets” who ironically make up the visitor support staff.


Yesterday added yet another indication that the Nazi culture of human debasement has permeated the staff  so that they now treat visitors as if they were being rounded up for the ghetto.

I was in the museum cafe with a co-worker as our groups toured.

My friend had a snack which came in a palm-sized paper tray. Upon exiting, he deposited it into the nearest trash receptacle.

A museum staffer immediately directed him to pick the trash out of the can and put it into another can across the room.

Is this now part of the museum’s visitor experience?

In addition to receiving a “passport” and identity card of an actual Holocaust survivor you will now be subjected to random acts of cruelty which serve no purpose other than to remind you that you are a sub-species without rights.

Other experiential innovations could include delivering random electrical shocks through door knobs or forcefully separating families with a promise that they will (likely) be re-united at the end of the tour.

There could also be a “Night at the Museum” where visitors are hunted by packs of wily weiner dogs as harsh searchlights careen about.

The USHMM has become a caricature of the very event it is supposed to fatally stigmatize.



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  • Dennis says:

    Not sure I am with you on this one buddy. I have only been to the USHMM once and did not see any “Red Jackets” jacking up some tourists. Comparing asking someone to retreive a piece of trash and put it in another container with stacking human bodies like cordwood and almost extinguishing a race by operating gas chambers and cremetoriums non-stop for years is a bit of a stretch. Here is a good comparison for what your friend experienced. Remember the Seinfeld episode where George retreived an eclair from the top of a garbage can? Not so bad. Maybe a visit to the Head “Red Jacket” is indicated with a suggestion to have the feared RJs attend some sensitivity training? No?

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