Obama the “Pimp”

US Conservatives and North Korea’s Kim Jong-un Agree

US Conservatives find themselves perfectly aligned with the world’s most repressive communist dictator  in finding President Obama to be a complete scoundrel.

North Korea referred to Obama as a “powerful pimp” during his visit to Asia.

Here in America Kim Jong-un will find many friends among conservatives including “Oath Keepers” preacher Wiley Drake who refers to Obama as a “half-breed.”

Conservative Kim

Conservative Kim

Perhaps Kim gains inspiration from America’s conservatives as they deride Obama as a “no cajones”, “rodeo clown”, “dog eater.”

North Korea similarly charges that Obama is without ethics or morality, an often heard mantra of the right.

The right here also refers to the President as “egotistical and delusional.”

US conservatives find themselves on target with Kim Jong-un on the thorny issue of health care.  In North Korea only those who can pay for medical care receive it.  Beer bottles are used for IV drips, needles are re-used and amputations are done without anesthesia.

For America’s conservatives, North Korea under Kim is a healthcare utopia.

It’s ironic that the right and conservatives generally deride President Obama as a closet commie when their rhetoric and political positions would make them perfectly at home in Pyongyang.



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