IAFF Ethics Update

All Silent on the “Harry and His Huppets” Front

First, thank you to the 653 folks who have indicated their support for an ethics resolution at the upcoming 52nd IAFF Convention.

The response has been overwhelming.

I post EVERY comment and there has been just one negative response.

That is a 99.99% approval rating to take much needed ethical action.

The IAFF executive board, a.k.a. the Huppets, have been totally silent despite the fact that I emailed each of them individually asking for their support on the ethics resolution.

Not a single board member responded.

They have closed ranks and circled the wagons to prevent basic ethics from becoming part of our Constitution and Bylaws.

What are they afraid of?

When the Huppets show up on your doorstep crying the “sky is falling” over an ethics convention resolution, don’t be fooled and hang on to your wallet.

There is no logical reason to oppose the strengthening of IAFF ethics.

Do the right thing for the future of the IAFF.

The resolution is below.  Please pass it on so that as many locals as possible can submit it for consideration.

Submit a resolution by fax or email; the signed original resolution must be received by 5:00 pm EDT on June 4, 2014.  The email is  gst@iaff.org; send faxes to 202-637-0840 or 202-737-8418. The mailing address is Office of the GST, International Association of Fire Fighters, 1750 New York Ave, NW, WDC, 20006.

Be a force for positive change: copy, paste and submit the resolution below, today.  If you are not a union officer, forward this to your local officers for action.

52nd  IAFF Convention Ethics Resolution

Whereas, the IAFF is nearing its 100th anniversary and continues as the essential safeguard for North America’s union fire fighters and paramedics; and

Whereas, our union suffers from unsound and unethical decision making, and

Whereas, the way to protect our union and ensure its viability is to commit union officers to a sound and commonsense ethical standard,

Be it therefore resolved that delegates seated at the 52nd IAFF Convention present for constitutional adoption the following ethical precepts:

International Association of Fire Fighters Ethics

(a) Union service is a sacred trust. Union officers have a responsibility to place loyalty to the IAFF Constitution and ethical principles above private gain. Every union officer must work to uphold the integrity of the IAFF. Every officer shall respect and adhere to the principles of ethical conduct set forth in this section.

(b) General principles. The following general principles apply to every union officer and form the basis for the standards contained in this part. Where a situation is not covered by the standards set forth in this part, union officers shall apply the principles set forth in this section in determining whether their conduct is proper.

(1) Union officers will place loyalty to the IAFF Constitution and ethical principles above private gain.

(2) Union officers shall not hold financial interests that conflict with the conscientious performance of duty.

(3) Union officers shall not engage in financial transactions using union information or allow the improper use of such information to further any private interest.

(4) A union officer shall not solicit or accept any gift or other item of monetary value from any person or entity seeking official action from, doing business with, or conducting activities with the IAFF, or whose interests may be substantially affected by the performance or nonperformance of the officer’s duties.

(5) Union officers shall put forth honest effort in the performance of their duties.

(6) Union officers shall not knowingly make unauthorized commitments or promises of any kind purporting to bind the IAFF.

(7) Union officers shall not use their office for private gain.

(8) Union officers shall act impartially and not give preferential treatment to any business, organization or individual.

(9) Union officers shall protect and conserve IAFF property and shall not use it for other than authorized activities.

(10) Union officers shall not engage in outside employment or activities, including seeking or negotiating for employment, that conflict with IAFF duties and responsibilities.

(11) Union officers shall disclose waste, fraud, abuse, and corruption to appropriate authorities.

(12) Union officers shall satisfy in good faith their obligations including all just financial obligations.

(13) Union officers shall take no action which directly or indirectly jeopardizes the Union’s health and safety advocacy role or the health and safety of IAFF members.

(14) Union officers shall endeavor to avoid any actions creating the appearance that they are violating the law or the ethical standards. Whether particular circumstances create an appearance that the law or these standards have been violated shall be determined from the perspective of a reasonable person with knowledge of the relevant facts.

Failure to adhere to these ethical principles will result in disciplinary action including trial board and loss of office.

If someone tries to make the argument that these commonsense principles are not needed, ask them why they are not in favor of basic ethics at the IAFF?





 Add your voice to the call for change.

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  • John says:

    When I went through a corrections academy we were taught one simple step for ethical behavior. that was
    the bell, the book and the candle stick. first are the warning bells in your head going off. second is it legal. lastly will your action hold up in the light of day. the only reason to not eagerly want to add this, would be because you fear ethical behavior.

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