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Thanks for trying to engage the membership of the IAFF. Without your provocative dialogue, it would continue to be “business as usual” for Harry and the Huppets. Even still, they believe that no one will notice or question actions like tabling a motion to simply review a policy that has been shown to be inadequate to provide it’s intended purpose. Hopefully their inaction will give rise to a groundswell of support for Resolution 10.

Unfortunately, too many (at least 13) of the 16 DVPs will direct their locals to oppose Res 10 for fabricated and incorrect reasons. They will rule just as they are ruled and punish those who would dare to question their decisions or directions (to better serve their corporate-minded master).

Don’t give up on us – you are creating conversations … Transparency, if you will. Good will come from continuing the discourse and heightening the awareness of the masses. From them will come the pressure on leaders to do the right thing – even in the face of intense pressure from on high.

Thank you again for shining a light in the blackness of the dark halls of 1750.

Black Daze


  • Mike Mohler says:

    I’m confident that delegates from the 4th district will do the right thing at the conclusion of the debate. Our DVP has very little influence in our district. He has personally worked, on two separate occasions, to elect my opponent and I won overwhelmingly both times. I don’t understand why ethics reform is not a unanimous goal for our IAFF. We all need constraints to ensure we are truly and honestly representing all members.

  • Mike Mohler says:

    Fourth District, be on the lookout at convention for an announcement that DVP Taylor may be stepping down for health reasons. Coinciding with this is an intensive campaign effort by my Local President, John Niemiec. Filling Bill’s position, who is a rubber stamp for President Schaitberger, would be a very high priority if this is true. Now Eric, how do you expect resolution 10 to get out of committee if 13 DVPs are bought and paid for. Ugly business we’re in huh

  • Michael Ramos (FXCO Ret.) says:

    Having been a member of Local 2068 for 41 years and counting, I can attest to the fact that Eric is not a pissant. I humped many a hose line with Eric over the years, and we carried our share of stiffs down those narrow stairwells.

    For sure we both got a little older and slower, but as with all of my brother fire fighters, Eric wouldn’t hesitate for a second to pull me out of the shit, as I would for him.

    I don’t view Resolution 10 as an attack upon our locals, or the International Association of Fire Fighters. I view it as the norms of what is expected of all fire fighters in the field, and that of those who manage our locals, and at the International level.

    Both Eric and I are associated with one of the finest fire departments in the world. It wasn’t always like that, but by constructively exposing the good, the bad, and the ugly, Fairfax became what it is today.

    I worked with both Eric Lamar and General President Harold Schaitberger. I also knew both men outside the department. I have also had the honor of knowing all of our past, and present local presidents. They all have my upmost respect, because they all had the courage of stepping outside the box with regards to those under their leadership.

    I didn’t always agree with their stance on various subjects, but I never thought of them as pissants, or doubted the sincerity of their caricature.

    Be it the good, the bad, the ugly, or Resolution 10. I do not view any of them as an assault upon our locals, or the International Association of Fire Fighters. I view them as steerage towards a brighter future for all.

    Michael Ramos

  • Dave Foreman says:

    Just remember the delegates do not have to accept the committee recommendation. If delegates are in support of resolution 10 they need to be prepared for a floor fight to defeat the committees recommendation and move to adopt the resolution.

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