Ethics: DVP Romaka Weighs In

Says, “His [Lamar’s] credibility is suspect once you know all sides of the Darrell Bates story.”

Bill Romaka, IAFF First District Vice President, was taking me down a notch in an email to his colleagues and others when he invoked the political assassination of  Bates by Harold Schaitberger.

Alas, DVP Romaka couldn’t even get Bates’s first name right–it’s Darren, not Darrell, but why let such complicated facts get in the way?

I asked him what I had said that was incorrect about how GP Schaitberger treated Bates.

I am still waiting for an answer.

He may have been talking trash but this isn’t:

Harold Schaitberger, as General President of the IAFF, denied Darren Bates his fundamental right to the presumption of innocence and due process.

If someone can prove otherwise, I am all ears.

It was also a cold-blooded political execution.

After firing Bates as a district field service representative, he issued a press release crowing about what he had done to a union brother to the public.

It wasn’t good enough to just slay Bates, he had to brag about it, too.

He was proud that he had destroyed a brother after denying him the most basic rights and he eagerly trumpeted his work.

Destroying Darren Bates was the second in a one-two punch where he used Bates to dump then DVP Louie Wright in a razor thin election and then dumped Bates when it suited him.

The Darren Bates case strongly suggests that Schaitberger doesn’t have friends, he just has folks he hasn’t double-crossed yet.

The defining act of Schaitberger’s presidency is what he did to Darren Bates.

It proves that he is without compassion or even the most basic union or human ethics.

Darren Bates was found not guilty in a court of law.


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