IAFF Ethics: Pay Day!

“Uncle” Harold Takes the Nephews for Ice Cream, (On Your Dime, of Course.)

ice cream

Time was when you could say that the only people who got 40% pay raises were bankers and hedge fund managers.

Not any more.

To the list add IAFF district vice presidents, at least if  Harold Schaitberger has his way.

The upcoming convention resolution 7 submitted by Schaitberger takes the vice presidents from their current $79,000 to $120,000.

It’s a $13,300 a year pay raise each year for three years, but $40,000 is still $40,000.

So, it’s not a raise, it’s one giant leap for DVPs designed to make sure that this current batch of timid, fawning and compliant pawns remain that way.

But Wait, What About the Guys?

Oh, you mean the members.

In 2007 on the eve of the great recession the mean salary was $44,130.   Seven years later it is $48,270, an increase of 1.3% per year, barely enough to keep pace with inflation.

Firefighters and paramedics are staggering along with stagnant and essentially flat wages and “uncle” Harold decides to rob the IAFF bank to pay off the knuckleheads.

Yes, it’s hush money so that the board will continue to forfeit their role of oversight and leadership while Schaitberger careens from deal to deal leaving ethical conflicts swirling in the cesspool wake  that has become the IAFF.

Timing is Everything

In any marginally ethical organization such a pay raise would only be put forth in an election year and the potential recipients would be running for re-election looking down the barrel of such a shocker.

But not at the IAFF.

As John Niemiec would say, “Uncle Harold” fixes that problem.

Schaitberger volunteers to put the great pay leap forward in a non-election year when there is zero political risk and he can bask in their collective admiration.

“Gee, thanks Boss”, they’ll collectively intone, “The ice cream is super.”

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  • Robert Davis says:

    I’m a IAFF member of the Local 2068. I will always support honesty and fairness. I have been a IAFF Union member ever since 1974 and I don’t feel Harold Schaitberger is spending our Union dues in the best interest of the IAFF Union members. What has happened to honesty and ethic’s within the IAFF? I’m asking for all Convention Delegates to Support Resolution 10. As a member of the IAFF I have always been very proud of our orginastaion but for what I’m reading about bad or no ethics within the IAFF is very disturbing and wrong in every way. As a IAFF member I expect this to be corrected right away and for the ones involved be held accountable for all their wrong doings no matter what position they hold within the IAFF. No Excuses, No Exceptions excepted nor tolerated for this unwanted, unnecessary and selfish behavior.

  • John s cinque says:

    as a 22 year member of the IAFF I am appalled with this once again it shows that our leadership cares not force members and is firmly in the back pocket of Richard Trumka I am disgustedand fed up

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