Resolution 10: A Fiery Defeat

The Journey Continues

 I accept the defeat of the ethics resolution as a simple fact.

Yet,  Schaitberger’s $1,000,000 conflict of interest around undisclosed deals is also a fact. 

And so is his betrayal of union brother Darren Bates.

So is the rampant abuse of the $80 a day stipend by DVPs.

As is the horrible misuse of expense accounts at restaurants.

And to, the reality that the IAFF is for sale.

They are all facts.

Today’s convention action is proof of just how securely the IAFF is controlled by a set of officers who are ethically corrupt.

As one senior leader said to me about speaking out, “We just are not willing to stand in that line of fire.”

They don’t agree with what happened, they are afraid of what would happen if they spoke up.

There is a difference, a BIG difference.

Our union is ruled by fear and intimidation, something that Schaitberger is expert at.

One thing is for sure–people who really care about the future of the IAFF will not be running away, even if the number who are brave enough to speak up could fit in a phone booth–if we could find one, that is.

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  • Robert Davis says:

    Ethically corrupted and controlled by money because money is power and power controls. I don’t know but I do believe this is how are government, most county governments and most large corporations operate. If anyone tries to question their ethic’s or decides to become a whistle blower, they soon loose their job and most people can’t afford to have that happen so they look the other way and the corruption continues to grow. I have no idea how to stop it or even control it. It’s like a wild fire out of control when anyone attempt’s to deal with people who have no ethic’s for the love of money has corrupted them to a point of no return. I believe it’s been going on so long that they themselves can’t stop it or they will loose their wealthy life style that they love so much. I will say, it’s very wrong in every way to run any origination without good ethic’s . May the truth always prevail.

  • Jim Smith says:

    Your “facts” are one sided opinions of one disgruntled ex employee.

    I said I would vote no and did.

    There were three yes votes. There is no possible way everyone is controlled by a few. You are off the mark on this and I stand by my previous comments that you have been wrong and misguided from the beginning.

    Even your own local president and secretary treasurer emphatically voted no. You are out of touch and alone.

    Very few are listening Eric, get over yourself.

    • Eric Lamar says:

      Big Jim-

      Scroll up.

      In the few hours since I posted this, 400 people have “liked” and “shared” it.

      [Update: make that 517… and counting.]

      You say, “Very few are listening” and “You are out of touch and alone.”

      I say, laugh-out-loud.

      • Jim smith says:

        Enjoy your fantasy world, hiding behind your computer and giving tourists a $10 tour. Saturday morning I will back on my engine company saving lives and serving the public. Never to read or comment on your sorry blog again. You have failed and will continue to be irrelevant in this IAFF As I have not talked to one single person that agrees with you sorry, desperate, and self serving rants. Have a nice life Eric. Jim

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