Resolution 10: Blame It On 41

George H. W. Bush


Resolution 10, rejected unanimously by the IAFF Convention Constitution and By-Laws Committee without discussion as being without merit was created by President Bush, senior.

He issued it as Presidential Executive Order 12,731.

The IAFF Ethics resolution is effectively Presidential Executive Order 12, 713 word for word with one addition regarding health and safety.

The fact that it can be rejected without a dissenting word tells you how firmly the hand-picked committee members are under the thumb of Harold Schaitberger.

5 CFR 2635.101(b), “Principles of Ethical Conduct”,  is the  federal standard for the Presidential Order which firefighters would certainly find appropriate.

It provides a clear and straightforward set of principles.  

Just like George H.W. Bush, it is both decent and commonsense.

It is nothing more than non-partisan wisdom for ethical behavior. 

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist or reinvent the wheel to take a basic stand for ethics.

Perhaps the delegates on the floor tomorrow will exhibit more commonsense than the committee did.

Perhaps they will have the courage to speak their convictions.

Whether Resolution 10 passes or not, we are heading into a new era where some light will finally shine on the otherwise dark corners of the IAFF.

Those who speak in favor, whatever the result, will know that they speak for the future and not for the past.

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  • Brad Trenholm says:

    Why don’t you go suck Bush’s cock. I politely ask you stop sending me emails for the nteenth time.

    Fuck off,


  • long road says:

    Taking ethics advice from a family known for its war profiteering and channeling federal money to their friends by the billions seem kind of paradoxical to me…js

  • Eric Lamar says:

    I’m not “taking ethics advice from a family.”

    I am pointing out that the ethics language which currently works effectively to guide hundreds of thousands of federal employees, including fire fighters, is from the Bush administration.

    If you want to quote me, please get it right.


  • Duane Tenney says:

    Interesting also is that this same committee passed Resolutuon 7 for the massive pay raise. Any surprise?

  • Mark dalton says:

    Remove me from your right wing rhetoric soap box

  • Jon Porter says:

    Some of you out there obviously have some unfounded hate for anything conservative to include a very fine person & president in Bush 41.

    What you claim to know about him shows an ignorance that runs deep.

    Why would any member have an issue with requiring ethical behavior from its leaders??? That should be a fundamental expectation and stating it in our By Laws is not only appropriate but essential to maintain honesty and proper public image.

    Accepting and passing this amendment should have been a no-brainer. That it wasn’t is a black eye to all of us.

    I so wish our Local had not decided to “save money” and stay home from this fight. We should all be there in Cincinnati this week.

  • Paul Boyle local 268 says:

    Point one – the IAFF already has a ethics policy, that can be reviewed and amended as required.

    Point two – referring to a ethics policy produced by politicians, no matter what party they belong to, seems ridiculous in the extreme. Politicians are the least respected of any job in the world, and the least ethical of any occupation . Jails are being filled with them. Try to find a honest politician, good luck with that.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion and you certainly can express yours. Mine is that resolution 10 is not required.

  • Brian Gaughan says:

    Stay classy Brad. Your temper tantrum rant really illuminates your professionalism.

  • Alan says:

    What’s impressive is that Brad figured out how to comment on a Blog before figuring out how to use the “block sender” function in his AOL account. Bravo.

  • bobr says:

    Real classy comment Brad. I’m sure your parents and the teachers who had the misfortune to provide you with the limited education you managed to obtain in your life would be proud of you. Attacking the man instead of the issue shows nothing except your ignorance.

  • A Johnson says:

    I believe this is the only resolution that was presented that did not have the sponsoring local in attendance at the convention. Really undercuts the resolution when that happens. Gives the appearance that even the sponsor doesn’t believe in it.

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