Ethics: More From Dave Foreman

Long-Time IAFF Illinois Leader

Dave Foreman has been a part of the IAFF for decades.

He served as president of the Associated Fire Fighters of Illinois for many years before becoming the Fire Marshal of the State.

The comments are in reference to Darren Bates.

From Foreman:

I do not know anything about this case therefore I will not comment on it, other than to say Harold’s actions do not surprise me…

…Most of our members are never made aware of abuse of power.

Speaking of power I remember Harold speaking to someone at an AFL-CIO winter meeting.

He was talking about the power of the general president, this is when he was gearing up to run.

He said “The power is intoxicating”.

I think he has been intoxicated on his power since being elected.

I hope that some day this intoxication will wear off.  He might then begin using it to benefit the members instead of abusing them.

I was in Florida at an affiliate leadership training seminar and Harold walked up to some members I was talking to and said “What are you doing talking to that guy.”

It became a joke with several people who were also in attendance at that meeting.

They were saying I don’t think I should talk to you Harold might see me.

They were joking but, Harold was not, he was simply acting childish and being the low life that he often is.

Since that incident, I have often wondered if he has ever actually read the preamble to the IAFF constitution or does he just think it does not apply to him.

I can not help but wonder if when Harold is alone, how often does he think to himself “what would the members think if they knew who I really am?”

[Many can attest to the veracity of Foreman’s story.  It is classic Schaitberger in bully mode:  pick out a public target judged weaker than you and then “sucker punch” them in front of members who would never speak up.  It’s safe but cowardly and it  humiliates your adversary, again, classic Schaitberger.  When fighting, bullies always go down a weight division or two, they never go up.  Why?  It would be an equal fight and they might lose.]

More on the Darren Bates Back Story:



  • Dennis says:

    “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Lord Acton.

  • Robert Davis says:

    Wow, I really liked what Dave Foreman had to say here about Harold. I think he’s right on when he says, Harold has been intoxicated on his power ever since being elected and he hopes some day this intoxication will wear off. Well, I would like to add that I don’t believe Harold will ever change his ways. Harold has been in his position for a long time and I believe he has missed used his power along with the funds to the point he has become addicted to having this power and funds to do as he pleases. I feel it’s highly unlikely this will ever wear off for this is the result for those who allow this to happen when they become CEO’s or President of their companies. When the love of money becomes more important then good ethic’s, it will control them to do things they normally wouldn’t do and that alone leads to the route of all evil. I believe their is only one way for anyone to change this type of addition and I don’t believe Harold has any desire or intentions to ever change his ways. For what it’s worth, I feel the IAFF members need to come together and have Harold impeached from his position if that is possible in order to restore good ethic’s within the IAFF.

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