IAFF Ethics: Who Knew?


I have had some great emails today from folks I know and some I don’t know expressing support and thanks.

I’m not sure I have adequately said thanks to each of them for their support, past, present and in the future.

I’ll try again, here.


Thank  you all for writing, it certainly means a lot.


I started on this journey to raise awareness about the lack of ethics at the IAFF, to create a discussion about that fact and to begin a campaign for transparency.


Based on the emails, phone calls and blog comments I have received, more people are aware of the ethical problems than I thought.


Many folks have provided (and continue to provide) detailed information about problems I was previously unaware of.


They are stepping forward, and that is a good thing.


If nothing else, Resolution 10 was a vehicle to bring the idea of ethics to the floor of the convention where it has not been in a long time.


The ethics discussion was a short one–this time.


Having been an IAFF officer at the local and state level and served on headquarters staff for 12 years I think I can say that what I am currently doing may be my most valuable (and rewarding)  IAFF service or at least commensurate with my work in the field after 9/11 and Katrina.


This discussion about ethics needs to include the crucial fact that the vast majority of the IAFF, the part that really counts, our locals, strive to be ethical, and they are.


It’s a sad fact that our ethics problem is at the top here in DC and the concern is that such behavior becomes learned (and expected) for future leaders.


We can’t let that happen, and I don’t think we will.


In fact, the way to keep that from happening is to keep talking about this subject and to be as absolutely transparent as we can be.


We got to where we are because people have been either afraid to speak or purchased for a penny–neither is good.


We aren’t going away and we are going to keep talking.


Thanks again for your help.





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  • Jon Porter says:

    Ethics. A must. Unions on the national level, in general, lack them. I agree. I know that for our Local, being above reproach is our number one goal to ensure the public will support us when we need to be supported.

    Too often our leaders go begging for gifts from the feds for no real reason. Our fights are at the local level and need to stay there. Always be honest and forthright.

    Thx for your efforts on the ethics.

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