Texas VP Curtis Dunn: Queers OK

Fire Fighters Vice President Supports Same Sex Stuff

I wrote yesterday about General President Schaitberger’s betrayal of Darren Bates’s fundamental union rights.

In reply, Texas Association’s Curtis Dunn commented:

“In all due respect Eric, are you dating Darren Bates, that seems to be the focal point of most of your post…..and hey there is nothing wrong with same sex relationships so just bring it out”


How ironic that Curtis suggests I am the one committing a conflict of interest.

For the record, I have neither met nor spoken to Mr. Bates, so we are not dating, including in cyberspace.

If we were, and I failed to disclose it, that would be a conflict of interest, something this crew seems to know precious little about.

Unguarded Thoughts

You have to admit, Curtis’s mind went to guys liking guys pretty darn quick.

Impulsive and unguarded thoughts and comments can be a key to one’s inner self, they say.

Perhaps Same Sex Stuff  is an area he has explored or would like to.

Perhaps he has, as they say, already “run it up the flagpole.”

(Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

But, I’m betting clever Curtis thought he dropped a “show stopper” with his homo-bomb.


It’s just another sophomoric cheap shot from the bleachers.

Sorry, Curtis

Still, if Curtis’s coy comment was a  cute Texas way of asking for a date, I’m not interested.

I’m not into Texas bears though let’s be honest–the cowboy boots can be hot.

Just kidding, I would never turn a veteran and revered leader like Curtis  into a mere trifling object of sexual interest.



photo credit: Texas State Association of Fire Fighters



  • Curtis Dunn says:

    Thanks Eric I feel honored to finally be included I your blog I have been happily married for 28 yrs and have 2 beautiful daughter and 2 grand kids so as much fun as it may be your not my type!!! How ever as I said I respect your opinion and am honored to be included with all of the other great leaders you have spoke of in your blog and will continue to read!!!

  • Curtis Dunn says:

    And for the record I never used the word queer or homo…..

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