Labor: Leave Ray Rice Alone

An Extra-Judicial “Lynching”

ray rice

Ray Rice, former Baltimore Ravens running back is being destroyed by law enforcement, the NFL, Ravens management and reckless media for an unsavory act that has been handled by the justice system.

Rice has not been convicted of a crime, if fact, he hasn’t even been prosecuted.

Still, he lost his job.

Domestic violence is a terrible crime that should be thoroughly investigated and aggressively adjudicated.

But the justice system is the correct venue for action and employers should react based on judicial outcomes and the collective agreement.

Over Zealous Cops

What right does a cop have to leak (and shop around) evidence from a pending case to the media or the NFL?

What’s their motive?

Why are they allowed to unfairly and improperly influence the outcome of a matter?

Law enforcement picks who they want to go after and then blatantly undermines the justice system at will.

What if a cop had a bone to pick with you and decided to contact your employer?

Their actions are every bit as nefarious as the crime itself.

NFL: Hands Off

Employers should rely on justice system outcomes to levy sanctions based on the contract.

In the Rice case they are pandering to the media and unprofessional law enforcement.

Both have seized on the Rice case for their own questionable motives.

The moment employers uncouple their actions from justice they are as morally adrift as the supposed culprit, making decisions based on whim and emotion.

You Know Somebody

Most people reading this know at least one person who has been lynched by the cops and an employer for some action that was improper and which showed poor judgement.

Often young and often impaired by drink or weed or both they engaged in some activity for which they are now paying a life-long penalty.

The specifics of how the Rice case is being handled show once again the price we all pay when employers act irrationally relying on political or public emotion as the basis for equity.







  • Smitty says:


    There are several different lines of thought here, each of which warrants a separate post. You raise some very good questions about the police, though I confess I don’t know if it was the police or a security guard who released the tape. If Ray Rice isn’t being prosecuted, then the police wouldn’t have access to the tape, would they?

    As for the employer, a person doesn’t have to be convicted of a crime to lose his or her job. The real dirty secret here is that Ray Rice isn’t the first football player to engage in abusive behavior. The sport is violent and aggressive, and it’s not surprising that some of that violence and aggression could be unleashed on family members. Unfortunately for Ray’s wife, having an angry husband who has been publicly humiliated and is now deprived of his employment, puts her at potentially great risk.

    But the NFL needs to address this problem openly and honestly. They need to acknowledge that abuse off the field is a problem, and they need to establish support for the families and counselling for the players as part of the benefits they offer Along with this, they need to run an awareness campaign addressed to the players and their families, and they need to make it clear that any suggestion of spousal or child abuse will cost them their jobs permanently.

  • Spartacus says:

    Smitty’s comments are just and sound. I, personally, am not having much luck in sympathizing for poor, misunderstood Ray Rice. And I try to sympathize with his wife, but why would she put up with him? ‘Oh,Spartacus, it’s much more complicated than that!’ Bullshit. She should get as far away from him as possible and press charges. If she doesn’t, that’s on her, not me or the media. And of course the concept of The Justice System is fine, but the reality is that I have no faith in it from the top down, and the People’s Court works just as well (or just as badly) as any other. And finally, why ARE we giving this air time? Because he’s a sports star? Puh-leeze. He’s just a punk with some good ball handling skills who has wasted his chance at the American Dream, and good riddance. I don’t need the justice system to tell me that.

  • Victoria Huckenpahler says:

    Spartacus, I don’t agree with you. Subsequent to that admittedly deplorable episode, Rice and wifey have admitted that drink played a HUGE role. He, at least, has subsequently given up hard alcohol. Will that be enough? Maybe so, maybe not…but he deserves a chance to see. Also, both have become strongly involved in religion. Granted, it is of a fundamentalist type that I personally abhor, but that’s their business, and if it keeps the two on an even keel, more power to them. They are also, I understand, working with other couples who have been in the same situation.
    Finally, having worked with the prison population for 16 years now, I know first-hand that the criminal justice system can be anything but just. As one of my correspondents put it, “There are people who should never be let out of here, but there are also people who should never have been put here in the first place.

  • Prince says:

    I have something to say… I have no problem with the NFL kicking Ray Rice out the NFL league for hitting his fiancee……. but that door have to swing both ways….. if a woman who play basketball in the WNBA hit her fiancee on video…….. should the WNBA kick her out of the WNBA………. what do y’all think????????

  • jb says:

    What Ray and his wife need is alcoholol rehabilitation.
    Would any of this have happened if they were both not totally drunk on their assess?

  • Groove Merchant says:

    There are probably a lot of women that aren’t going to like this post……but I have to write it.
    By no means do I condone Ray Rice’s actions, but on the surface his actions were instigated by his then fiancé’. She shoved him more than once and from the video it appears that she spat on him BEFORE he hit her.

    Now, I don’t know what occurred in the bar/casino before the elevator incident, but I am assuming there was a heated discussion between the two of them. But the bottom line is that Janay provoked Ray Rice.

    Was it wrong for him to hit her……Yes. Was it wrong for her to spit on him………Yes! But no one is taking about her actions. Only about Bad…..Bully…Woman Beater Ray Rice.

    The bottom line is if she couldn’t handle the REACTION, she shouldn’t have initiated it with her ACTION(S)!!! Let’s talk about that!.. Let’s talk about that fact that JayZ didn’t whip Solange’s ass in that elevator when she came at him swing and kicking. The only reason that JayZ doesn’t have and assault charge is because his body guards stepped in. Well every man doesn’t have ayZ’s bankroll to pay bodyguards 24/7.

    Let’s talk about the women that hit men, get in a man’s face, hit, kick, scratch or whatever knowing that the system will come down on a man like a “ton of bricks” while the woman stands there giving up “Hollywood tears” crying “he hit me”. Women had better learn that in those instances it’s best to keep your hands to yourself.

    As I wrote in the beginning, I don’t condone violence against women. I don’t hit my wife or my daughter. But I will DEFEND myself against male or female.

    OK ladies…… can start hating now

  • Bill Hand says:

    I will keep it simple. In my culture you do not hit a woman. If that had been my daughter he would answer to me first and then possibly others if he survived our meeting!

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