Techno: Could Be Time

“Hold On–I’ll Google it.”


When I retired to the world of part-time work I made a conscious decision to give up the “smart-phone” in favor of simple talk/text.

I didn’t want to be a zombie-like compulsive email checker strolling through life reacting to an incoming message chime like a middle-aged Pavlov’s dog.

In truth, it has become a bit of a “badge of honor.”

Up until last night.

I accompanied a friend to an art exhibit of another friend out in the burbs.

I volunteered to drive, once again engaging in my faulty behavior of not only failing to bring the invitation with the exact address, I didn’t even write the address down.

To be honest, I didn’t even bring my phone.

As a result, there we were driving up and down a stretch of MacArthur Boulevard with no address as the sun set.

My guest, ever helpful, whips out her I-Phone 5 (with pink vanity cover) and says, “Hang on, I’ll google it.”

It’s here that I should mention she was born during the Woodrow Wilson administration, 1919 to be exact.

Wilson, right, at Versailles

Wilson, right, at Versailles

You do the math.

So, there we were, pulled to the side of the road, me dreading that I was going to be seriously technologically up-staged  by someone who was alive for the Versailles treaty.

Luck was on my side as she mercifully came up blank.

I sighed audibly at my near miss.

Still, I had to borrow her phone to call for the correct address.

We looked at paintings.

Then I came home and looked at “smart phone” plans.





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