Providence: A HoMo Horror

The Ideology of Queerness?

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In 2001, Providence, R.I., firefighters drove a rig in a Gay Pride parade.

Thirteen years later, that drive is the subject of a R.I. State Supreme Court case.

Firefighters allege that their rights of free speech and religion were violated by then Mayor Vincent A. Cianci Jr.’s edict to participate.

The Providence Journal reports that their attorney, Gina DeCenso said, “Public employees cannot be compelled to support an ideology they do not support.”


Let’em Eat Cake

There’s queens in this story, alright, but not the ones you think.

Their royal carriage is a fire truck.

Like Marie Antoinette, they only grudgingly mingle with the (village) people before high-tailing it back to their castle-cum-firehouse where the barcaloungers beckon.

The 21st century labeling of homosexuals as practitioners of an “ideology” stands with Westboro Baptist as another example of what the late Christopher Hitchens described as the “diesel fumes of democracy.”

And, like the Westboro crowd these fellows are apparently convinced that we care what they think.

No, we’re just embarrassed to be associated with you.

Reality Check

The worst possible scenario is when firefighters no longer identify with the community they serve.

We don’t have to love or even like everybody but we need to respect each other, especially the people we protect.

We should also work to be first in their hearts and minds for reasons dear to our hearts.

Like when we need better pay or benefits or want to avoid cutbacks.

(Rhode Island should know that better than anyone. Can you say, “Central Falls”?)

Firehouse kitchens are famous for raucous discussions about politics, religion–you name it.

But when we step on that rig for any reason, be it parade, fire, or ems run, the ego and the inflated sense of self leading to the false assertion that we are better than them, needs to stay behind.

That’s my ideology queer or otherwise.





  • michael says:

    There is always more to the story. Beside the obvious, that being the firefighters unwillingness to be put on display at the gay Pride parade, which in Providence ten years ago was pretty much out of control, there was a lot of politicl stupidity going on at the time, closing stations, cutting manpower, the usual rigamarole tha pits labor against management. Cianci was and is a criminal working a criminal enterprise from City Hall, just about everything he did was all about Cianci. Oh, he’s running for mayor again, ahead in the polls and The Providence Firefighters Local 799 has endorsed him.

  • Bill Hand says:

    As previously stated, there is almost always more to the story. Here in Houston our mayor who is female and openly gay is doing all she can to take away our FD benefits. I don’t like her because of her agenda against firefighters. It has nothing to do with her gender or sexual preferences, but there are those that constantly pull out that “card” when we (white straight males) don’t agree with people like her. Same goes for the race card. It’s about time to end the use of both of those “cards”! Sorry for the late reply.

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