Some Kimchi Blow Back

Sony “Un” Done

“Pass the Cheese”

Leave it to Hollywood to assume that they can make a film depicting the assassination of the world’s most vicious dictator and that he would happily go along with it, perhaps in the spirit of Christmas.


North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un, gastric-banded dictator and cheese fanatic, is reportedly behind the hacking of Sony’s IT system resulting in the involuntary disclosure of emails best described as bitchy as studio bosses are caught saying some most unsavory things.

With all the howling you’d think Kim launched one of those 1950’s missiles of his.

This is better than that.

Everyone from goddess Angelina Jolie to President Obama comes in for a little movie mogul abuse.

“Minimally talented spoiled brat”, she’s called, while the Bam is the subject of bigoted comments about his assumed preference for slave related, lusty cinematography.

Having been upstaged by the “dear leader” the “talent” then compare the disclosure of their mindless prattle as another September 11th.

Ah, the hubris of Hollywood.

Yesterday it was reported that the “entertainment industry” was pulling the movie from its opening over threats of violence.

Of course, the perpetrators of threats of violence should be tracked down and prosecuted though it’s doubtful that it’s Kim.

His gambit was far more subtle and effective; fairly deft for a rascal.

This affair is neither about terrorism nor security and it’s made even funnier by our government’s apparent outrage on Hollywood’s behalf as they hack our email every day and call it patriotic.

I call Kim’s play clever, ironic and what you can expect when tyrants (in L.A. and Pyongyang) get together.

The net effect, one way or the other, is that a movie will not be shown that should never have been made.

I guess we can thank Kim for that.


  • Dave Bender says:

    Sorry, I’m just not okay with some other country, or some hacker group, telling us what movies we can and cannot make or watch. Especially when they use threats of violence. Who do they think they are? I will not give anyone the permission to decide for me what I can or cannot view, read or listen too.

  • Eric Lamar says:

    You say, “some other country, or some hacker group, telling us what movies we can and cannot make or watch.”

    Your assertions are unproven.

    Kim apparently leaked the emails but didn’t tell you or anyone what you could watch or make and the threats are as yet unassigned.

  • Alan says:

    Bravo. 🙂

  • Smitty says:

    That’s right, Eric. It was the studio who decided they would lose too much money if they distributed the film and nobody came to see it. Besides, you’re right on point about a film that never should have been made. Do we ever ask ourselves how we’d feel if the tables were turned?

    • Eric Lamar says:


      Nail on the head.

      Imagine if Iran made a film, comedy or otherwise, about the assassination of Obama.

      The S@#t would hit the fan.

      But, somehow, it’s OK if we do it.


  • Mike says:

    Well done Mr Kim! I hope the movie is as funny as all the drama it cause. I guess we will just have to wait for it to make its way to the $5 table at Walmart to see it. That were is get to see most movies anyway.

  • Victoria Huckenpahler says:

    What’s most disturbing about this is that, however great or little their involvement, North Korea has won a cyber-war. This does not bode well for the future, not only for our relations with N. Korea, but with other terrorist states.
    I agree it was foolhardy to invite the inevitable by making this film.

  • Glenn says:

    I have been contemplating our response to a N. Korean movie maker producing a comedy based movie with a story line about the assassination of our President. I can’t believe that we would hack into their government IT systems. Of wait, we already do that. Never mind.

  • Bill Hand says:

    I know this may sound like a conspiracy theory. BUT, after all the news coverage and free advertising, Sony has decided to release the movie. Hmmm… Now a probably not all that special movie will be a best seller at the box office during the holiday season. Are we being taken as suckers by those smart Sony executives?
    Merry Christmas and be safe!

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