All in the (IAFF) Family: Dear Linda…

First, thank you for taking the time to write.

I knew very little about “our divorce” you reference in your note below.

However, that leads me to your assertion about what IAFF staff is generally aware of.

As you know, I have been an IAFF member for 39 years and I served on staff for 12.

Staff does not know nearly as much as you think.

Once you are shackled on the headquarters chain gang, exposure to the GP, a.k.a. Our Dear Leader, hereafter known as “ODL”, can be quite limited.

Secrecy prevails and one is encouraged to not show undue interest in ODL’s mortal doings.

As a staffer, it’s more of a case of trying not to know.

Leadership by Humiliation and Character Assassination

You referenced ODL’s love of humiliation and character assassination.

There I cannot agree with you more.

It is his chief strategic and operational tactic with one crucial caveat.

Since he is an abusive bully he only employs the humiliation tactic in two scenarios: on those perceived as weaker than him and when it is a surprise attack.

He is in ecstasy when both can be employed simultaneously.

Bullies never fight in their own weight class or above and they go for someone perceived as weaker.

They also love the sucker punch.


They would lose in a fair fight.

Proof:  IAFF Brother Darren Bates

The former Omaha local president was arrested and falsely accused of a sex crime.

When word reached ODL that Bates had been arrested, the reaction was swift and sure.

ODL, with second district vice president Mark Woolbright’s full support, fired Bates from his post as a district field service representative.

Then he leaked notice of Bates’s firing to the press.

ODL openly and aggressively humiliated a brother IAFF member.

He robbed Bates of the due process and dignity owed to all of us.

Worse yet, he betrayed Bates’s union trust and right to confidentiality by proudly leaking his actions to the news media.

Bates took the case to trial and he was found not guilty in less than two hours by a jury.

But for ODL, it was a tour de force of public humiliation.

Character Assassination

ODL was confronted at the 2014 IAFF convention, at least indirectly, regarding his betrayal of Bates.

It’s now very widely known that his response was to have a Stooge Lackey spew garbage on the convention floor about Bates and others in a failed attempt to deflect the truth.

It didn’t work and it won’t.

Ironically, Darren Bates played an important role in the demise of former second district vice president Louie Wright by reportedly casting the deciding votes for Mark Woolbright, who won in a very tight race.

Louie Wright was a bright and articulate ODL supporter until ODL deemed him to be no longer needed.

ODL used Bates to dump Wright and then dumped Bates.

Sounds like the mafia, does it not?

ODL’s Wright/Bates operation makes the current Woolbright/ Steve LeClair  (the current Omaha president) partnership the most gullible and endangered in the IAFF.

ODL will “deep six” them both the moment it suits him.

That’s all for now.



Linda Fillah writes:

“Eric, most of HAS’ staff know what he is all about!The board knows what he is about! You know what he is about! Harold is a contol maniac, that stops at nothing until he gets his way. He is all about character assassination. He doesn’t care how lo he has to go to destroy humiliate a human being and most of the people that know him and understand his character allow this. You were part of this when he was cheating behind my back and most of the staff knew it and believe all the garbage he spread about me. He got away with murder in our divorce.people knew and no one cared. Because all they really care about is themselves and their jobs. This is the first time that I know of that someone has stepped up as you have done to herald cheeseburger”


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