Conflategate: Brain Williams’ Fish(y) Story

The One That Got Away?

TV personality Brian Williams is enduring some unwanted fame as the onion is peeled, partly by him, over his story of being aboard a US military helicopter under fire in the Iraq war in 2003.

Williams has apparently said in the past, including on the Letterman show, that he was aboard the chopper.

Now he changed the story to he was on a chopper in a convoy with the one that came under fire though that version is now disputed, as well.

He says he “conflated” the events, a fancy word for “merged.”

Just like a memory of a big day on the water, that fish kept getting bigger and bigger till no line could land it.

No Robert Cappa

Robert Capa is probably the best known “on the ground” war correspondent, ever.

Capa covered five wars and was in the first wave ashore at Omaha Beach.

Robert Capa by Gerda Taro

Robert Capa by Gerda Taro

Capa was killed in May of 1954 when he stepped on a landmine as he covered the war in Indochina.

Does Brian Williams think he’s a closet Robert Capa?

On “News Reading” and Manipulation

The British term for Brian Williams’s job is perfectly descriptive: he’s a news reader.

That’s it.

He sits at a desk, all done up and reads from a teleprompter.

You could do it with a little practice.

With all the kerfuffle the press is making about his fish story you would think he also has his fingers on the button.

They need to make a big deal about his indiscretion so that we will continue to conclude that they are important to us.

And, the reason they need to be thought relevant is advertising revenue.

The most disappointing aspect of the affair is that Williams was at one point with the crew that took the hit but didn’t wait around to interview them.

A large part of a correspondent’s role is making sure the soldier’s story is heard at home.

Williams ignored their story and then made it his own.

That’s all we need to know.

<sound of remote changing TV channel>





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