IAFF Ethics: Joined at the (Osso Buco) Hip

IAFF-FC,  S. F. & C. Insurance Associates, Inc. & Liberty Mutual

Our Dear Leader

Our Dear Leader

The IAFF board is having their “winter get-away” in Bal Harbor, Florida, during the next week or so.

It is usually preceded by the board meeting of the IAFF Financial Corporation, IAFF-FC for short.

IAFF-FC is essentially a shell (shill?) to sell Nationwide and Liberty Mutual products and services to IAFF members and others.

Jim Franzoni, of S.F. & C Insurance Associates, is a primary contact for Nationwide and Liberty.

Mr. Franzoni owned the $800,000 house on the water purchased by Our Dear Leader (ODL) Harold Schaitberger in what was (and is) a blatant conflict of interest he continues to deny.

A Secret Board with Secret Dealings

Good luck finding out who is on the IAFF-FC board of directors.

If you try searching for Vanguard Financial Corporation  board of directors you will immediately be presented with a page containing names, photos and bios.

Try that for IAFF-FC.

Here is the lame information in the 52nd convention report:

“The IAFF-FC Board of Directors is comprised of IAFF District Vice Presidents and others…”

You’ll have no better luck on the IAFF-FC website either.

What are they hiding?

That ODL Schaitberger has stacked the deck with his “yes” men and cronies?

By the way, ODL loves to bash the banking and financial industry while he operates under a veil of secrecy they could never enjoy.

Just more ODL hypocrisy and absent ethics.

How About a Balance Sheet?

IAFF members, who are shareholders in the IAFF-FC, are not allowed to see one shred of information regarding income or expenditures.

Again, try a search for “Vanguard Financial Report.”

You can take your pick of detailed financial information disclosures to learn how and where money is invested and expenses.

Don’t waste your time with IAFF-FC.

We know that the IAFF-FC gets at least $1.35 million from Nationwide.

What are other revenue sources and amounts?

Exactly how is the money spent?

How much does S. F. & C. (Jim Franzoni) receive from Nationwide and Liberty for his business connection with ODL?

Those are the basic facts every IAFF member has a right to know.

Why Do IAFF Leaders Allow It?

A very comparable situation is a local’s pension board.

What local, state or provincial association would allow their pension board to fail to openly disclose board membership and financials?

There would be “hell to pay.”

Yet we allow the so-called “stewards” of the IAFF-FC to operate in total secrecy.


Has ODL bought off or intimidated the E-board and the top tier local and state leaders?

Or, are they so caught up in their own political futures that they dare not do the right thing?

Who has the courage to stand up for what is right?

There will soon be a contest for the next General Secretary-Treasurer of our union.

Indeed, the next convention will include contests for the executive board, as well.

Every candidate for every office should commit in writing to support and fight for full disclosure of the operations of the IAFF-FC and to publish an annual financial report including all revenue sources and expenses.

Dinner on Jim

The IAFF-FC is apparently one big happy family and families have to eat.

How fortuitous then that ODL’s house patron and Nationwide Muckety-Muck Jim Franzoni is there to take everyone to dinner at a fancy eye-talian ristorante, Nando, on Wednesday, February 18th.

The Osso Buco is $44.00 but a quick look at the wine list indicates ODL may not be impressed.

But, they have time to send out for a case of Silver Oak.

The laugh-out-loud irony is that this crew of superannuated ethical no-shows is set to consider a “revamped” ethics policy in light of ODL’s house deal.


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  • Dennis says:

    Dear Secretary-Treasurer Miller,

    As a retired member of the International Association of Fire Fighters, Local 2068, Fairfax County, VA, I respectfully request a full financial disclosure statement concerning the IAFF-Financial Corporation. Although I am constantly receiving mass mailings advertisements from IAFF-FC for a variety of products, I have no understanding of the relationship between the IAFF and the IAFF-FC. The link on the IAFF Website to IAFF-FC is nothing more than an advertisement for financial services and testimonials. I am interested in learning the following about IAFF-FC. Who are the members of the Board of Directors of IAFF-FC? Does the IAFF-FC produce an Annual Report which explains assets and liabilities, and if so, can you provide that to me? What type of business plan does the IAFF-FC have? What is the current operating status. and what are the organizational goals for one year, five years and ten years? Does the IAFF-FC have any founding documents such as a charter, business plan, legal papers, and tax documents? If those documents are available, could you make them available for review?

    Although I am a retired firefighter, I am concerned that union dues paid by brothers and sisters on the job are being used in the most efficient manner possible. I have yet to see any of the usual financial data one would expect from an organization which provides auto and home insurance, retirement services, mortgages, savings plans, life insurance and other financial products. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

    Dennis Donehoo

  • Dennis says:

    I noticed the IAFF Website only has the email addresses of the VPs, not ODL or Sec-Treas. I will snail mail this letter.

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