IAFF Ethics: Ted Cruz and the Flintstone Steak

Pass the A1 Sauce


The 2015 International Association of Fire Fighter’s (IAFF) Legislative conference is this week when our union’s affiliate leaders come to Washington to lobby congress on key issues and to listen to selected politicians pontificate.

How the pontificaters are chosen is always a subject of discussion.

Are they selected to inspire or educate us?

It’s never really clear.

As this is the beginning of the 2016 presidential season we should expect to see a dabbling of white house wannabes but we are, after all, a labor union.

It seems that is often forgotten and the result is to depress or dampen the real union message of taking care of workers and their families by inviting our enemies to the microphone as if they care a wit about us.

This year’s wing-nut award for silliest choice goes to Texas Senator (and former senator Joseph McCarthy look and act alike), Ted Cruz.

From Bedrock?

From Bedrock?

Ted Cruz hates virtually everything we are about.

Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada had this to say about Cruz, “If I didn’t care so much about our country, I would hope he would get the Republican nomination for president, because that would mean the end of the Republican Party. With Ted Cruz, I am sure this will help him raise more money.” He went on to say about Cruz, “He stands for everything America doesn’t.”

His AFL-CIO working families and union voting record is 0%!

Are we to actually believe that our affiliate leader’s precious time away from home and work is to be spent listening  to someone who wants to destroy us?

What obscure Washington political debt or strange strategic goal is being met by an IAFF Cruz-athon?

He would hang us out to dry in a New York second yet he is somehow worthy of our attention.

Cruz started his talk by thanking Our Dear Leader (ODL) Harold Schaitberger for the huge steak they shared together at, presumably, one of the several steakhouses where ODL lives part-time.

Cruz said the steak was so big it was right out of the “Flintstones.”

He also said they “closed the restaurant” together.

Now it’s starting to make sense.

Two fascists swapping war stories over Grey Goose vodka and a side a beef.

Just like Fred and Barney.

Ted and Harold

Ted and Harold



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