Ethics: The Secretary Out for a Walk

Laundry Time

Secretary Lew with the President

Secretary Lew with the President

I headed out from my apartment on California Street in Washington, D.C., a little while ago on the way to an appointment.

As I approached Connecticut Avenue on this chilly March morning I spied Jack Lew, Treasury Secretary of the United States, with a member of his security detail in tow, walking south down the street.

A bit odd as the Secretary usually goes to and from the office in his black suburban as I assume all cabinet officers do.

I fell in behind the two as they headed down the hill.

Secretary Lew was carrying his briefcase in one hand and a canvas “stuff bag” in the other.

It occurred to me that he was on the way to the dry cleaner/laundry at Florida and Connecticut which proved to be the case.

Jack Lew, laundry bag in hand, ducked into Georgetown Valet as I kept south.

It proves that in the Obama administration, at least, even the top dogs do their own chores and without government or organizational transport.

One wonders if the “top dogs” at the IAFF can say the same thing.

Or, maybe they are just more important.

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