Politics: Cruz and His Racist Tea-Baggers

Big Week for the Jesse Helms Fan Club

Fresh on the heels of appearing at the International Association of Fire Fighter’s Legislative Conference, Texas Senator Ted Cruz announced his campaign for the presidency among a group of college students required to attend the event.

Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz

I wonder if “knee-grows” were allowed?

Maybe in the very back row.


Speaking of Jesse Helms, the late racist US senator from North Carolina, Ted loves him.

Cruz said, “We need a hundred more like Jesse Helms in the U.S. Senate.”

Helms despised black Americans and used dirty tricks throughout his career to race-bait in elections.

Helms Election Bill

Helms Election Bill

Bringing up nasty Ole Jesse is nothing more than thinly veiled racist trash talk designed to get the hormones flowing.

Ted Cruz channels the long dead voice of the Carolina Cracker and he has an audience: Tea Baggers.

Did We Really Need a Study?

The over-the-top and slobbering Tea Bagger racism has always been readily apparent.

They are apoplectic about “that knee-grow president.”

But God forbid that you would suggest that their vitriol was race-based.

Their indignation was beyond righteous at the very mention of it.

A group of Florida and New York based researchers drew on “national survey data to examine the extent to which racial attitudes and conservative ideology are associated with self-declared membership in the TPM while controlling for contextual factors that have proven influential in other rightist movement research.”


I hope you’re sitting down.

Racial resentment and political conservatism are both key predictors of Tea Party Movement (TPM) membership.”

Racial resentment predicts TPM membership even among conservatives.”

Tea Bagger Symbolism

Christopher Gadsden's Flag

Christopher Gadsden’s Flag

Even the bagger banner has sly racist origins, created by slave owner and South Carolinian Christopher Gadsden during the Revolutionary War.

Baggers need not worry, Gadsden did the “right” thing with his slaves upon his demise.

He had his “plantation negroes” and his “towne negroes.”

He sold them or “divided them by lot”.

How very libertarian.

Go, Ted, go.

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