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IAFF Flirts with a Racist

Tea Bags

Tea Bags

An earlier post covered Tea-Bagger Ted Cruz’s recent appearance before IAFF leaders in Washington, DC, and resulted in the following reader comment:

“Little hard on the Hispanic guy there Eric…..hasn’t the left worn out the “tea baggers” moniker……how about something new?”


The “Tea Party” appropriates, as well they may, a 242-year-old iconic revolutionary event and I have to have something new?

The earlier post referred to a study which indicates that racial animus is a strong reason for Tea-Bagger membership.

In fact, the decision to adopt a “revolutionary” symbol is not casual.

They are rebelling because there is a “knee-grow” in the White House.

Hispanic Guy

Highlighting Ted’s Hispanic lineage is no doubt designed to obfuscate his rascally and racist leanings.

In fact, the same study that indicates the racial hostility inherent in tea-bagger membership also finds that it does not extend to similar feelings towards Hispanics.

Why not you ask?

Because there is a “knee-grow” in the White House.

That’s the whole point.

It’s not about race, per se.

It’s about knee-grows, or rather, the one in the White House.


As far as “Tea-Baggers” being “worn out”, my position is the more tea-bagging the better.

Putting the tea party and its racist adherents at the metaphorical level of a scrotum or making it a surrogate expression for a “low” sexual act seems about right to me.






  • Joe Kameros says:

    The left’s heads are exploding early…..all the snow this winter has caused a lot of pent up anxiety. Hopefully you don’t subscribe to MSNBC’s Jamilah Lemieux, who thinks that those who listen to country music are evil racists…..just because Rafael said he likes a little country music….SMH

  • Bill Hand says:

    Eric I am shocked that someone as intelligent as you would go for the simple race card. That is just way too easy my friend. I thought you could do better at finding some real issues with Ted other than labeling him as a racist right from the get go. I really don’t like what President Obama did in releasing five terrorist who could have had something to do with killing Americans for an Army deserter and I also like country music. Does that make me a racist or someone who wants to kill all the Muslims in the world?? I think this racist thing and “Its Bush”s fault” is getting a little worn out by now. If the Democrat party wants to regain it’s position of power, they had better come up with some better stuff in the next few months.

  • TheHonestTruth says:

    Maybe when the Democratic Party gets back to being the party of the working man and woman and stops taking on every other cause and affliction that grabs a headline, the firefighters of the IAFF will not wear yellow shirts in public and then “go red” in the voting booth. The height of hypocrisy. Feel free to give my yellow tee shirt to someone else.

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