Islam, Conservatives and Science

When Blue Jeans Are to Blame

Fox News reported yesterday that Maulana Fazlur Rehman, a conservative Pakistani politician and cleric, proclaimed that blue jean-clad-women were responsible for “earthquakes, inflation and natural disasters.”

Maulana Fazlur Rehman

Maulana Fazlur Rehman

Does Rehman present another easy opportunity to heap scorn on Islam?

The real object of scorn is so called “conservatism” wherever it is found, especially when it defies both science and commonsense.

One need not go all the way to Pakistan to encounter wacky conservative beliefs.

Science?  We Can’t Be Bothered With That.

A recent Gallup Poll found that, “59 percent of self-identified conservative Republicans said they don’t believe that climate change is happening now, and 70 percent said they don’t believe humans are responsible for it.”

“Forty percent of conservative Republicans deny that global warming will ever happen.”

A Pew Research Study reported that, “Republicans are less inclined today than they were in 2009 to say that humans have evolved over time (43% today vs. 54% in 2009).”

Their confidence in science has eroded 11% in just six years.

Perhaps the number one local concern in many areas is the damage done to drinking water and other resources by so-called fracking.

A Yale Study disclosed that, “Those who are male, older, and conservative are more supportive of fracking.”

And, the National Journal reports that, “The controversial drilling technique polls well with conservative voters.”

Ye Olde Deaf Ear

Conservative Islamic Clerics and conservative American politicians and religious leaders have much in common.

They go around making crazy shit up and believing it.

They ignore the obvious while making absurd pronouncements.

Turns out that Rehman’s blue jean inspired earthquakes are not such a stretch after all when viewed through the lense of American conservative ideology.





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  • cortez lawrence says:

    Eric: Your general observations are good to make a point. Please note that on Thursday NPR reported that the EPA’s long term study showed no adverse impact on drinking water from fracking. I don’t know the details, just scanning and caught it while driving. While you didn’t attach a diminutive percentage to the issue, it may be that the older, conservative, white males, are correct on that matter!
    I had seen, with a lot of concern about, stats that show diminished belief on factually uncontested scientific matters and I gotta wonder what the hell is going on? There is no doubt about global warming….this little blue marble we call earth has gone through cycles of hot and cold since its beginning, and will do so until we vaporize into the death spiral of our sun. We can debate what effect man has on speeding up and retarding those cycles, and even the depth of the sine wave itself, hopefully based on scientific evidence, but not that it is “not real”. I am told there is good scence support mankinds exacerbation of global warmimg is now pretty well measured but don’t know the specifics of that either.
    And your report on the belief, or lack thereof, in evolution is also astounding, I grew up in a fundamentalists area in south Georgia and know that many have the religiously founded tenant regarding the 6 Days of creation, but never thought the percentage of believers was that high. Every fundelmentalist preacher I have heard sings that same tune, be they American or Pakistani.
    It seems likely to me that there will be more to the EPA simply because the politics of the current administration are unlikely to leave conservatives with what would be seen as vindication or a victory. It is a shame that science is under the mantel of partisanship as global warming, like evolution or quantum theory are apolitical! Well, it is clear that those of us in the evidence based community need to do a better job explaining science, and de-linking it from politics. I don’t understand how it got captured in partisanship,
    As to the Pakistani Cleric, Mr Rehman, let us hope his congregants are able to separate the words of the prophet and his ranting about ladies in blue jeans-at least until a blind multivariate regressive model shows an r of .7 or better!

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