IAFF Ethics: A One-Year Anniversary

The Knights of Summer


So, it was exactly a year ago that delegates including local, state, and provincial leaders strangled that newborn called ethics in a crushing defeat at the convention.

They were led, of course, by King Harold and his knights-errant, on their crusade to pillage the IAFF.

How it must feel because, “to the victor go the spoils.”

Life is good.

And, summer is the season to enjoy it.

When it’s this good you just glide right through this season of vacation and relaxation.

Not a care in the world.

I envision King Harold and the crew at their various vacation castles and cottages wiling away the tranquil hours.

After all, they surely deserve it.

Robbing us blind is hard work.

A Castle for a King


We know that King Harold has a castle though he tried to both hide it and the conflict of interest surrounding the purchase of it.

Ever tried to hide a castle?

Not easy.

Even with the drawbridge up.

Best part, you ask?

Well, in order to avoid future conflicts of interest when he does deals with his buddies, in true kingly fashion, he created his own personal definition of conflict.

Here it is:  “The mere holding of a personal financial interest in a vendor or other entity with which the IAFF transacts does not necessarily constitute a conflict of interest.”


I’m talking Kim Jung-Un cool.

It’s only fair.

As a dictator, if you don’t like something you just ignore it, write it out of the script, pretend it’s not there.

He needed help with that, by the way.

His politburo backed him up nicely, as usual.

At any rate, best to them all during these languid and balmy summer days.

Who knows, perhaps they are on Fantasy Island.

In any event, may they enjoy blue skies and fair breezes and some much needed quiet time away from the hustle and bustle.

In their case, mostly hustle.


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