The Apocalypse and John Houser

Hitler and Westboro Baptist


Tea Party supporter and Hitler-admirer John Houser killed two and wounded nine more in a shooting rampage in Lafayette, LA, this week.

News sources report that Houser admired Oklahoma City bomber Tim McVeigh and often described America as a “financially failing filth farm” a not especially optimistic alliteration.

He also was a supporter of Westboro Baptist, the church which considers US troop deaths to be god’s retribution for homosexual “sin.”

The Times reports that he “cultivated a reputation as “somewhat of an anarchist” a position not terribly consistent with adulation of Adolph Hitler who was nothing if not a committed fascist opposed to anarchy.

Perhaps Houser was fully in tune to the fascist notion that violence can be a positive and energizing societal force.

Words to Deeds

Houser’s outward view was of America as an endangered and imperiled place.

The inward view was of a desperate “loser”, a failure at work and in relationships who threatened people and engaged in criminal activity.

Houser’s mental competency had been repeatedly “called into question” by families and court officials.

“He should not have been allowed to own a gun, said Sheriff Heath D. Taylor of Russell County.”

Yet, he was able to obtain one, legally.

Extreme views coupled with mental instability and the availability of guns is the real American hazard, one we refuse to confront.





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